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Ecotourism in Northern France? Try one of our Gîtes Panda!

The Gîtes Panda are lodgings with the label “Gîtes de France” that are located in the Avesnois and Scarpe-Escaut regional Nature Parks and that are classified by WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). The particularity of these Gîtes lies in their special implications for the protection and for the promotion of the natural environment.
Bring a whole new dimension to your holiday with the Gîtes Panda. Located in the heart of the most beautiful landscapes, you will discover in an environmentally friendly way the secrets of the surrounding countryside and its wildlife. The owners are proud of their region and it is a real pleasure for them to make you familiar with the value and the beauty of their heritage.
In order to become Gîtes Panda, the owners need to meet three requirements. Firstly, the gîte has to be located in a quality natural environment, next to a walking and observation trail, either dedicated to the guests, or easily accessible on foot from the gîte. Then, each gîte Panda has a discovery chest that contains all the visitor needs to explore the region: maps, binoculars, guidebooks, etc. Finally, the owners sign an agreement, which stipulates that they have to run their gîte in an ecological and sustainable way and strive to protect the surrounding environment of their gîte.
Every gîte has something different to offer you: learn how to recognize birds, how to make dandelion jelly, how to fish trout, how to ride a donkey and much more! Nature, biodiversity and conviviality are the keywords for this sustainable tourism that will delight both the young and old alike.

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Gte Panda
Accommodation Gites de France, located on the territory of the Regional Natural Park, certified by the WWF for their involvement in the protection and enhancement of the environment.
Gites and bed and breakfast
Gte near the Balneario de Saint Amand
Water Sports
Accommodation near the beaches of the North and / or water bases

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